Air Fare Comparison: Rovia vs Skyscanner and Expedia

A good friend had mentioned that he wanted to take a trip to Bali for his birthday this October. Having just joined WorldVentures and given my own personal travel search site, I decided to do a little price comparison research on how Rovia (WV’s DreamTrips travel search engine) fares against its biggest competitor Expedia, as well as leading flight aggregator site

He intends to fly from Sydney to Bali from 19 to 24 October, and here are my findings: Rovia Flight Search

Rovia (via Total Fare: $659.31 Flight Search Total Fare: $712.01 Flight Search Total Fare: $659.31

From what we can see from the screenshots, Rovia beats by a whole $52 but its fare exactly matches that of Expedia. Now that I’ve eliminated Skyscanner purely on best price (because I do want the cheapest fare out of my search), I started weighing my two remaining options based on price guarantees.

Expedia has a Best Price Guarantee that states: “Find a cheaper flight, hotel, vacation package, rental car, or activity within 24 hours of booking. We’ll refund the difference and give you a travel coupon worth $50.”

Rovia has a similar Price Pledge that states: “In the unlikely event you find the same flight or hotel [within 24 hours of booking] for less, we’ll refund you 150 percent of the difference in RoviaBucks.”

The guarantees seem rather similar but Expedia’s offer of a $50 travel voucher certainly holds more value than a return of 150 percent difference in RoviaBucks travel points.

BUT Rovia has a a second guarantee called RateShrinker which states: “Just seconds after your purchase, our systems scour the Internet to find out if prices for your itinerary have dropped and we keep a close watch on those rates right up until the day of your trip. If we locate a lower price, we’ll send you an email confirming the booking and the amount you saved, and instantly put the cash back in your pocket!”

The RateShrinker guarantee would be most beneficial for long-haul or advanced flight purchases when you’re only concerned with reserving your spot on the plane and don’t want to go through the headache of waiting and predicting the best times to book the cheapest fare.

As a WorldVentures business rep, there are more advantages to booking my flights on Rovia. But after weighing his options, my friend decided to book his flight to Bali (at different times compared to screenshots) on Rovia for the cheaper price and double guarantees.

What do you think? Which search engine do YOU use to book your flights?

My First WorldVentures Social Meetup

Since officially joining the business, I had been invited to a social gathering last week hosted by members of WorldVentures who have been doing the business for some time now. The whole objective was to share thoughts, ideas and tips on how to become a leader in your business. I was told that there will be a special guest so I took it upon myself to make time for the gathering and meet others who have just joined (like myself) and those who have been successful at it. I was very sure I would take inspiration from it, make new friends and learn leadership qualities I would not have otherwise gained. And I wasn’t disappointed.

I had no idea what to expect but was very pleased to find that the meetup was a very relaxed gathering in a cozy home, attended by nearly 20 people, all of whom are high-spirited individuals who strive for excellence and dedicated to helping others perform in the business.

“Make the decision now [to do what you believe in], and the solution will come to you.” – Mike Soh, WorldVentures leader

The special guest was a man named Mike Soh from Singapore, who has been doing the business for merely 20 months, already with around 1500 members under his belt, and is now earning residual income from it with an inspiring tale of attaining financial freedom.

The gathering started with food and casual banter, followed by an icebreaker session where everyone was encouraged to introduce themselves and the reasons why they decided to join WorldVentures. Everyone had a different story to tell but they all seem to share a sense of trust and confidence in this business, which I began to understand is formed based on a social system, similar to social networking on the Internet but instead is based in real life. That was the quality that first attracted me to it. Because it drives you to help others perform well in order for you to achieve the same. The feeling I get was that of a big happy family.

Then came a question and answer session where Mike answers our most nagging questions, help us overcome obstacles we are facing and also gave us a few pointers about leadership. I was personally inspired by his advice on what seems to be our own phantom worries about not having the answer to our problems: he said, “Make the decision now [to do what you believe in], and the solution will come to you.” That is something I personally believe in when dealing with challenges because sometimes you think you can’t do it because you THINK you can’t do it, when in actuality you can. The important thing is to have the intention of doing it and then taking that first step.

I walked away from the gathering feeling very driven, with an additional 20 friends, some wise advice from a very inspiring leader and a motivating energy that has been rubbed off on me from wonderful and successful people. From here on, I look forward to attending more.

WorldVentures Gathering in KL

Mike Soh (left) offers tips and advice to WorldVentures members at a cozy gathering in Kuala Lumpur

How I First Learned About WorldVentures Malaysia

I was first introduced to WorldVentures in late July 2013. Prior to that, I had been actively looking for a side business – something I can do part-time without eating too much into my personal and social life – while earning a second source of income to support a living.

A good friend then introduced me to my would-be sponsor, Jerome. He lightly explained via an exchange of texts and WhatsApp messages what this “business” was all about. It sounded credible and Jerome was very open and honest with me – he had a good, sincere vibe about him and I trust my judgements well – so I later agreed to meet with him.

I invited Jerome to my home in Kuala Lumpur, we chatted like long-time friends and he began explaining the entire concept behind WorldVentures. Before this, I had never even heard of the company and to be honest, I was very apprehensive at first. But not because I felt like I couldn’t trust him or the company, but I questioned my own ability to build the business. I have absolutely no previous business experience, especially with MLM marketing, and I wasn’t sure if I can pull it off.

But as with any opportunity, I believe in being at the right place at the right time. I had asked the Universe for an opportunity to change my life and here this man was sitting in front of me offering me one. Was I going to push it away?

I took it as a challenge because I desperately wanted to turn my life around, and that was all I needed as motivation to make it work. When Jerome mentioned that it was a travel business, my heart become a little fonder because I am passionate about travel and I BELIEVE in it. I have always thought of travel as a privilege which everyone has a right to, so to be able to share this with others (that’s the other thing I like about the business – you are never ‘selling’ it but merely sharing it) is something I am happy to do.

So I said yes to an opportunity and I agreed on the spot (although I didn’t become an official member until two weeks later which I will write about in another entry). Since then, Jerome and I have been in constant touch with each other. He plays as my mentor in this venture and I’m happy to say that so far he has been indispensable as support. At the very least, I feel like I have gained a new friend in this new endeavour.

And that’s a start.

“Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door.” – Kyle Chandler

5 Key Attitudes To Be Successful With WorldVentures

As I grow older, I have come to realise two major things in life: that regular jobs are just not going to provide me with the long-term security I need and that secondly, to make the positive changes I want in my life, I needed to change my mentality towards the opportunities presented to me. Successful members of WorldVentures seem to possess similar traits, as with any successful people. These are just five of the key attitudes that will help you run a successful WorldVentures business and make the life changes you want – realistically!

1. You Have A Strong Desire To Change Your Life

Coming into my thirties this August, I am plagued with the realisation that I needed to secure my future and I needed to do it NOW because we are only as young as we’ll ever be. However, change requires you to take action. The biggest fear we have is making the wrong choices but I truly believe that in life, there are no right or wrong choices – it is only how we respond to our choices that makes a difference.

Ask yourself what’s important to you. Do you want more time with your family? Do you want to watch your children grow? Do you want more freedom and flexibility in your life? Do you want to live the life of your dreams? If you have even as little as thought about these things, you already harbour a desire to change your life.

2. You Have Realistic Expectations

When I was presented with the WorldVentures business model, I was instantly sold. But it wasn’t the attractive perks nor the promises or unbeatable guarantees that sold me. Instead, it was that internal voice deep inside me that told me that I have what it takes to truly make the business flourish. I was determined and willing, with the intention of becoming successful at it.

When you’re faced with that initial business presentation, it is easy to get emotional and carried away with the photos of smiling vacationers in exotic locations, successful business members in their shiny BMWs, and the promise of a beautiful luxurious lifestyle. Want to know the truth? Those people probably worked relentlessly HARD at earning it. But this shouldn’t be a deterrent to jump at your opportunities, let it encourage you instead! Realistically, you only get what effort you put in.

3. You Are Willing To Put In The Time And Effort

As with any business, rewards don’t come to you fast and easy. You have to take a moment and acknowledge that the commitment requires hard work and perseverance. There are many scam reports online regarding MLM businesses but I noticed that all these negative reviews come from those who have unrealistic expectations of the business, who did not put in the time and effort necessary, or those who gave up halfway. Again the question remains: how badly do you want change? A small sacrifice is necessary, but you’ll find that it will help you balance your life more rather than hurt it. If you still struggle with time and effort, just remember that the business model was designed to be compatible as a part-time AND full-time business, so you really can’t find any excuses. The most important thing is to not give up!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher

4. You Grab Opportunities And You Don’t Waste Time

As I write this post, I am not yet an official member of WorldVentures although I have applied for my membership. While waiting for confirmation, I have proceeded to set up this blog you are reading right now and secured a Google+ page to promote my business, including a Youtube channel. All this was completed even BEFORE I am an official representative. This is important to me because I WANT to be successful at this business and I believe in grabbing opportunities while it’s still there. Having these tools at hand, not only am I able to better market my business but also become a thought leader in my business.

5. You Have A Positive And Inspired Outlook On Life

The biggest favour you can do for yourself is to shed negative attitudes toward opportunities. I personally think WorldVentures is fantastic because it is driven by mentorship and teamwork so that you are never alone in your venture. Their networking conferences and training are there to help you should you hit a snag and support is always at hand. Granted, there are no shortcuts to success in life but there are plenty of mentors and guidance to help you along the way. These are knowledge, tools and resources that have been offered to help you succeed. They can’t help you if you only choose to see them as lies, fakes and scams.

I personally love what Matt Morris said in his WorldVentures 2013 presentation about solving his 1 million dollar debt: “I got very open-minded to doing something else.”

That is a very powerful skill – being open-minded. This rings true with a lot of our life’s experiences. We often only say yes when we can’t afford to say no anymore. So ask yourself how badly do you want change and to be successful at something? To begin a journey in any business, that open-mindedness is usually all it takes to get the ball rolling.

If you’re looking to be inspired by a success story with WorldVentures, the below video from Singapore is one I find very uplifting.

I love how WorldVentures discourages you from being pushy or try to hard sell their membership. Many of us are not natural born salespeople and modern consumers have become more aware of sales pitches, blatant advertising and such, that they have developed a natural immunity to it. That’s how WorldVentures have remained as a referral program at its core. You are never selling, only merely recommending. At the end of the day, if you decide to join, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s perfectly okay.